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The Benefits

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Congratulations! We’re so excited that you’re making the decision to become a sperm donor. Being a sperm donor has a range of benefits, including the opportunity to help someone fulfilling their dream of starting a family and allowing yourself to make some extra money while you’re in the program. That’s a win-win in our book!


Once you pass your physical exam you can begin giving sperm donations. While each donation must be approved by our doctors in order for you to be paid, our approval rate is more than 90%. Donors can receive up to $100 for each approved donation.

  • Donors receive $70 for each approved donation^.
  • Donors then receive an additional $30 for each approved donation* at the time of release. Vial releases are scheduled after vials have been in quarantine for a six month period.

^ Donation Quality Requirements – The Donation must have produced at least 1 IUI, ICI, or ART Vial to qualify for payment.

* Release Vial Requirements Apply – The Donation must have produced at least 1 approved IUI or ICI vial to receive the $30 release payment.

Top Donor Benefits

Help Fulfil a Dream

When you enroll as a donor with us, you are taking the first step in helping someone realize their dream of starting a family

Earn Great Money

As an active sperm donor, you have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 every six months!

Referral Opportunities

Like your experience as a donor? Tell a friend and you both can earn a great referral bonus. Ask us how!

Free Health Screenings

Our sperm donors get aperiodic health checkups and screenings to ensure you remain in good health

Flexible Hours

We offer convenient clinic hours so that you can work your donations around your normal schedule

Hungry? We Got You.

We offer healthy and nutritional snack/lunch options for you to grab on your way out after your donation

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“The experience has been great. It is an easy way to gain extra income for a small time commitment.”

Donor Hunter C.

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