Why Be a Sperm Donor at Las Vegas Sperm Bank?

Why Be a Sperm Donor at Las Vegas Sperm Bank?

Joining a sperm donor program is both generous and rewarding. Sperm donors are needed now more than ever to provide fertility treatment options for waiting families.

We are going to break down the benefits of being in the donor program and how to apply here. But we are always available for further questions about how sperm donation can fit into your life and what it means long term.

Donor Program Benefits


Donors can receive $100 for each qualifying donation.  Here, you can read more about what we are looking for in high-quality samples. Donors are welcome to donate up to 3 times per week, as long as there is 48 hours of abstinence between each donation. This makes for a great option to earn extra income without large time commitments.

Additional bonuses are given for referrals. If you have a friend who would make a great addition to the donor team, tell them to add your name or donor number on their application. Learn more about the referral program here.


Donors in the program set their own weekly schedules. We ask that each donor tries to commit to visiting at least once a week, but each donor is welcome to modify visits based on other time commitments, such as vacation, work, or school schedule. Donors typically stay active in the program for around a year. We ask that donors make a minimum commitment of six months before retiring from the program. Flexibility in scheduling lets donors plan their time in the best way that suits them while balancing what they expect to make in compensation.

Genetic Carrier Screening Results

Donors also receive genetic carrier screening for 502 different genetic conditions. This is different from commercial products such as Ancestry and 23& me, and personal information will not be added to a searchable database.

Health Exams and Testing

Donors are welcome to review and keep copies of all testing and screening results. The added health benefits to donors is a great way to keep up to date with your health status. And just like at any other medical office, results are HIPAA protected and confidential.  

Making a Difference

Similar to other types of tissue donations, being a sperm donor has a big impact on those waiting. With a shortage of available donors, you can make a big difference in someone’s life if you are able to donate. Families are looking for donors of all heights and ethnicities.

How To Qualify

The application process starts with an online application and an in-person semen analysis. Potential donors are often asked to submit a second semen analysis. Semen samples can vary from day to day, so the lab will look at multiple samples regardless of the outcome.

Here are some tips to help prepare you for your first in-person visit to the lab.

The second part of the application process includes looking at both medical history and family medical history. Las Vegas Sperm Bank Genetic Counselors will look at medical history and genetic carrier screening results to see if there is a risk for offspring to inherit any genetic conditions.

The final stage of the application is lab and blood work and a physical. On the day of the physical exam, donors can start being compensated for donations.

If you think you might have what it takes to be accepted into the Las Vegas Sperm Bank donor program, it is worth applying and trying! Apply online or reach out to our Donor Coordinator for any questions you have at (206)588-1484 or [email protected].