What Can I Expect in a Family Medical History Interview?

What Can I Expect in an Initial Medical Screening Appointment?

The process of becoming a donor at Las Vegas Sperm Bank starts with applying online and completing a semen analysis. The next step includes completing a Family Medical History Interview. The final step before you are qualified to receive compensation for the donations that we are able to retain is an Initial Medical Screening Appointment.  

During this screening appointment, you will complete a risk assessment questionnaire, undergo a physical examination with one of our Medical Providers and complete a blood draw for infectious disease and genetic testing. 

To get a better picture of what the Initial Medical Screening Appointment looks like we turned to Las Vegas Sperm Bank expert and Donor Coordinator, Alan Dowden.

Alan, why do donors need to complete an Initial Medical Screening Appointment?

“Just like blood and other tissue donation, our sperm donors must undergo FDA-led screening for infectious diseases. In addition, the FDA requires that potential sperm donors must complete a risk assessment questionnaire and physical exam. Since we are in the business of helping families achieve their dreams of having happy, healthy children, potential donors also undergo genetic testing.”

What should donors do to prepare for the Initial Medical Screening Appointment?

“This appointment is simple and relaxed. Donors should get a good night’s rest, drink plenty of water (as they will need to give a urine sample, and avoid coffee or anything else that might dehydrate them or elevate their blood pressure.”

Do donors need to fast prior to the Initial Medical Screening Appointment?

“No, but we do recommend not eating anything too heavy, sugary or greasy prior to the Medical Screening Appointment.”

How much time should donors expect this appointment to take, and is there anything else donors should keep in mind?

“Donors should arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete paperwork and plan on the appointment to last approximately  one hour. Some things to keep in mind for your appointment. 

  • This is the first day you can donate for compensation, so please abstain from ejaculation for 48-72 hours and be prepared to provide your first retained donation!
  • We will be taking a urine sample, so please refrain from urinating for about an hour prior to your appointment.”

After completing the Medical Screening Appointment, what should the donor expect?

“After the Medical Screening Appointment, donors can begin donating immediately and on a regular basis for compensation. There’s no need to wait for test results either, you can start donating and get paid. If you have any questions about what it takes to join the sperm donor program at Las Vegas Sperm Bank, you are welcome to call our Donor Coordinators at (206)588-1484 or email [email protected]