The Las Vegas Sperm Bank Donor Program

Las Vegas is an amazing place to live, with access to beautiful national parks, a thriving economy, world-renowned restaurants and a great night scene in the city with unlimited activities day or night.

Another great bonus about living in Las Vegas is access to a program that helps families and provides benefits and compensation for the support you provide. The Las Vegas Sperm Bank Donor Program provides needed tissue donations to couples and individuals looking to start families.

How does this all work? Let’s break down how sperm donation and sperm banks work.

Tissue Collection

The elephant in the room, how is sperm collected for the donation sample? The simple answer is masturbation. Either vaginal or oral sex would cause the semen samples to be contaminated with additional skin cells, by collecting through masturbation we get a more accurate sample.

Our private medical office is professional and clean. We will provide you with a sterile sample collection cup and a room that locks for you to take time for sample collection. In the room, there is a TV equipped with access to our porn subscription. We also provide sperm-safe lubrication. You are welcome to bring additional materials that may also aid in collection. And we recommend headphones for further privacy. During collection you are not permitted to bring guests, so plan to collect alone.

Becoming a Donor

Joining the program is easy, but it can be tough to qualify. The first step is to apply online and schedule your first visit. During the visit, you will be asked to collect a semen sample and our lab will analyze the sample for comprehensive quality. Typically, donors come in for a second semen analysis no matter the outcome of the first. This is because semen samples can vary day to day and the lab will look at a couple of samples to get an accurate idea about what kind of samples you are producing. You are in control of scheduling your visits, even after you are accepted into the program, so these can be convenient times that are best for you. 

After getting past the initial semen analyses, you will be asked about your and your family’s medical history. This will help our genetic counselors better understand genetic traits and risk factors that you may carry. Additionally, we’re going to do a full medical genetic screening for 175 or more genetic conditions. Our physician is also going to perform a physical and look at blood work and urine analysis.

Once you have completed your physical and our medical director has signed off on your screening results, congratulations, you are in!

Who Can Be a Donor?

Who can donate sperm?

We’re looking for healthy men 18 to 39 years old. Why healthy? Overall health is closely related to sperm production and quality. We’re not going to grill you on how many fruits and vegetables you eat, but we will be looking at semen quality, urine analysis, and a physical. Things like not enough sleep or water, or increased alcohol intake and cannabis use can impact semen quality, which is the most important step to qualifying for the program. Age also plays a role in sperm production as sperm quality declines with age.

We are also looking for donors who come from all ethnicities, different heights, and other characteristics and traits. Having donors with various genetic backgrounds helps support the wide range of families who are looking to start or grow their families. You may have the unique qualities that someone is looking for to complete their dreams of parenthood. 

Where Do Donations Go?

People looking for sperm donations are all looking to start a family but missing a sperm source. This can be due to male factor infertility, which can be caused by injury, or certain medical treatments such as cancer treatments, or could be congenital. The most common partners looking for donor sperm are two female partners and single parents by choice. Another reason for choosing a sperm donor is LGBTQIA partners who do not produce semen. And lastly, a male partner who does not want to pass on a genetic condition or trait to future offspring may choose a sperm donor.

Once an individual or couple has selected a sperm donor that would be a great genetic contribution to their future offspring, they have the needed samples shipped to their clinic of choice. There are various treatment options and after discussing with their healthcare team a choice will be made on how to proceed. All samples are frozen after collection, so shipping and storing samples for use is easy.

Did You Mention Benefits and Compensation?

Yes! The donors in our program qualify for benefits and compensation for their time and effort.  This includes money for each donation, routine STI screening, and physicals while in the program, you will receive your full genetic screening results (great personal information for you to have), and bonus opportunities while an active donor. Bonus opportunities have included PS5 giveaways, extra money for extra donations, and passes for local activities like gyms.

If you are ready to start making a huge impact on others’ lives with meaningful donations, you can apply today to get started. Or reach out to one of our Donor Coordinators with any questions you may have about the program by calling (206)588-1484 or emailing [email protected]. If you don’t live in the Las Vegas area, let us know, we have programs Washington, Colorado, California and Arizona too!