Sperm donation- A smart way to make extra income

Sperm Donation- A Smart Way To Make Extra Income

Looking for a second job in Las Vegas or looking to supplement your income? You may not have thought about sperm donation as a way to increase your monthly income, but it could be a great way to help make ends meet or save for some big-ticket items in your life. All while helping people who can’t become parents without you.

Las Vegas Sperm Bank is a medical office that needs new donors. We’ll go through the benefits of joining the donor program and the application process.

Benefits Of Joining The Donor Program:

Donors Are Compensated For Each Qualifying Donation

You can get $100 per donation and can donate up to 3 times per week. This gives you the flexibility to increase the number of times you donate if you need a little extra cash. And reduce the number of donations per week if you have other time commitments.

Speaking Of Flexibility…

As a donor, you make your own schedule that can be changed at any time to adjust for your needs. For example, if you are planning to give a donation before work or class but miss it, you can swing by at lunch or after. You can also postpone donations if you are planning a vacation, which happens often during the holidays and summer vacations.

Access To Regular STI Testing

Sexual health is a big priority at Las Vegas Sperm Bank. We want our donors to be safe and since sperm samples can carry infectious agents, we want to make sure our intended parents are safe too. Donors receive free routine STI testing while actively donating to our program.

Additionally, donors receive free physicals every 6 months with our doctor. This is a great added perk since men are less likely to visit a physician vs women.

Access to Genetic Carrier Screening

More than getting a family tree or ancestry information, donors receive medical genetic carrier screening for 502 genetic conditions. Many of us are carriers of genetic conditions that do not show any physical symptoms but may be passed on to future offspring or have an impact later in life. This type of testing can be expensive and isn’t always covered by insurance plans. Your results will be shared with you and not with any databases or platforms.

Applying to Las Vegas Sperm Bank Donor Program

Applying to the program is easy, but not every applicant makes it into the program. The only way to find out if you qualify is to apply online and schedule the first visit.

Apply Online And Schedule The First Visit To The Lab

You can submit a quick application online now. An email will be sent that has a link to schedule a semen analysis at our lab. However, you are welcome to stop by the lab without an appointment as long as you have completed an online application. Be sure to abstain from ejaculation for at least 48 hours before giving your sample. This will ensure that the semen analysis results are accurate. The donation room is equipped with visual materials to help aid in the collection and we will provide sperm-safe lubricants. This sample is used only for analysis and will be discarded.

Complete Follow Up Appointments And Paperwork

Semen samples can vary, so to get an accurate picture of future donations we will ask you to give a second sample. The process will be the same as the first, and it will be discarded after analysis. If both samples look good you will move to the next step in the process. We will ask for your medical history and family medical history, our genetic counselors will review the information and look for possible genetic risks to future offspring.

Lab Work And Physical

Blood and urine samples are used for genetic screening and infectious disease testing. We do not drug test sperm donors, however, anything you put into your body can have an impact on your semen quality and that is something we will check at every donation. You will also get a full physical with our doctor.

Start Donating

On the same day as your physical, you can start being compensated for your donations, and more importantly start making a difference in the lives of families who depend on your donation.

If you have any questions for our Donor Coordinator about joining the program you can reach out at (206)588-1484 or [email protected]