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How To Donate Sperm

Becoming a sperm donor can be a worthwhile endeavor and would help a lot of families in need. There is currently a shortage in the number of sperm donors needed. This is due to both an increasing number of families in need of donor sperm for treatment options, but also the lack in the number of men willing to become donors.

If you are considering becoming a sperm donor, but need more information, we’re going to break down the process and benefits of joining the donor program at Las Vegas Sperm Bank.

Apply To Be A Donor

Applying to the program starts with an online application. After the online application is submitted, potential donors are welcome to schedule or visit the lab on a walk-in basis for a semen analysis.

During the application process, there are a couple of in-person visits for semen analyses, lab work, and a physical. We will ask for your medical history and family medical history during the process to look for any potential genetic risks to future offspring.

Actively Donate

Active donors are requested to donate once a week for at least six months. More often, donors stay in the program for 12 months or longer and donate up to 3 times per week. Each donation is compensated at $100, so it starts to add up when donating more often.

Additionally, active donors will have routine STI testing and physicals.

Retiring From The Program

After at least six months, donors can choose to leave the program. There is one final STI test to release any donated samples from quarantine to be used in treatments.  A yearly health questionnaire is sent out to donors who have been in our program, so we can keep up with any health changes.

Benefits For Sperm Donors

Earn Extra Cash

Donors earn up to $100 per donation and can donate up to 3 times per week. Giving each donor flexibility to increase the number of donations per week or reduce them based on other time commitments.

Flexible Schedule

Scheduling for donations is flexible and can be made ahead of time or on a walk-in basis. Although donors are expected to donate at least once a week, donations can be postponed for holidays, breaks, or anything else that may come up.

Health Benefits

Donors receive routine health exams with STI testing and physicals. Additional health screening that is included is the Genetic Carrier Screening. Genetic Carrier Screening is more than a family tree or ancestry information. Many of us are carriers of genetic conditions that do not show any physical symptoms but may be passed on to future offspring or have an impact later in life. This type of medical testing can be expensive and isn’t always covered by insurance. Donors’ genetic carrier information will not be shared with any databases or platforms.

Making A Difference

Becoming a sperm donor will have a big impact on those waiting for treatment options. People looking for sperm donations are looking to start a family but missing a sperm source. This can be due to male factor infertility, a two-mom family, or being a single parent by choice.  Regardless of the reason, there is a shortage of available donors, leaving families without treatment options. Every donor in the program helps individuals and couples become parents.

If you are interested in joining the donor program, you can get started today with an online application. For any questions about the program, reach out to our Donor Coordinator at (206) 588-1484 or [email protected].