Are Sperm Donors Anonymous?

Are Sperm Donors Anonymous?

If you are thinking about becoming a sperm donor, you may have a lot of questions about how the process works and how much information is shared with families who use donations for treatments.

We are going the break down what information is collected and shared with intended parents and what being an Open ID Donor means.

Testing Results and Application Information

Information collected during the application process is all HIPAA protected, meaning it will be kept confidential just like medical records at your doctor’s office. The information we are collecting includes you and your family medical history, background information about yourself, like degrees and jobs, and physical characteristics. This also includes all lab results for infectious disease testing.

All this information is used to help our Genetic Counselors identify genetic conditions that might run in your family and help our medical team better know your overall health. Once you have been accepted into the program this information is redacted and identifying information is removed before being shared with intended parents. Physical characteristics and information about your personality and hobbies helps intended parents get to know who you are.

Information shared as an active donor

Active donors will continue to receive routine physicals and lab testing. This information is sometimes requested by medical staff who are assisting intended patients in treatment, but your identifying information is always redacted. Additionally, healthcare teams both at Las Vegas Sperm Bank and other healthcare facilities are required to adhere to HIPPA regulations by keeping medical records confidential.

Donor profiles are created using information and materials provided by donors and include baby and childhood photos, physical characteristics, personality questions, and a handwritten note. Our Donor Coordinators will read over everything to ensure it does not contain anything that will identify who you are or where you live.

Additionally, any intended parent who is seeking treatment signs a contract stating they will not search for their donor’s identity.

Being Open ID

All donors at Las Vegas Sperm Bank are Open ID. This means donors are willing to have one form of contact with any adult offspring when they turn 18. This contact is initiated by the adult offspring and can be a phone call or video call depending on what works for both parties.

This can be a big factor in deciding to become a sperm donor, however, our team is here to facilitate this contact and will not give out any information before that time. Moreover, there is no obligation to continue a relationship after this contact. This is a great opportunity for a donor to see the impact of their donation on a family and gives the offspring a chance to meet those who contributed their genetics to them.

If you think you have what it takes to become a donor, you can take the first step and apply online today. If you have questions about joining the program, you can always reach out to our Donor Coordinator for assistance at (206) 588-1484.